Pool Of Choices 

Give me a clock to figure out 

what I really want to watch.

I’ve been remote lately.

Can’t find the channel

To the right tunnel.

I’m at crossroads.

You or them

I’m just not certain.

A pool of choices 

But I’m not ready to take a dive.

What if I do 

and thrive no more.

What if I choose 

and later hate the love.
Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

‘I know what I want’ 

At least that was what I thought.

My head’s spinning 

yet I’m so still 

Like a windmill I stand 

Mixing my feelings together.

Step in my shoes 

And taste the feeling.

Sweet, Bitter, Sour

All in one.

That’s the picture.

Help me if you can 

But don’t mess this canvas. 

The Void

A very big vacuum

Up for grabs to no one but you. 

A hollow being

Waiting to be contained. 

A space larger than space. 

The outer world isn’t this lonely. 

Planets got satellites, 

Even suns have sons; S.T.A.Rs

All I have is nothing

Just the Trinity me; 

Me, Myself and I. 

I don’t like these vowels

But I, you owe 

Despite, I really need you.