Caught My Eyes 

From afar 

my eyes caught you 

trying to abduct your peers,

At least that’s what it seemed: 

To rip their hearts out 

Maybe I misunderstood 
the curves which made your cheeks 

Stand out 

like I’ve never seen 

And acknowledged 

You are committing
a mischievous crime 

but you seem not to care about 

what I would do

even though I rocked my uniform 

You are hypnotizing 
my cheeks to red out,

my eyes to unstably roll in sockets.

I really don’t want to look down 

on you but I can’t help it 
Teach me 

how to smile and not mistake it 

for anything else 


This looks like love at first smile.  


Phoenix King 

Shades in shades 

All I do to keep my torch 

burning slowly in quickest light. 

Dark vibes being shot at me 

but my embodiment is coal-like,

petrified and mummified,

burned so I burn.

I’m justified 

with the heat I breathe,

the sweat on my brows,

the fire in my eyes,

I melt them even in subzero.

When I rise,

with jaws dropped 

and eyes popped 

they look in awe 

Flesh  from ashes 

I’m the Phoenix King. 

He’s this rusty because you left him hanging — struggling to get a grasp of how life felt when everything was bloomy and full of hue. In his mind, utopia was more of a flesh and bone abode — until his big heart leaked away. Forever was a short time — he’s now polished, greased and painted. Left to Right he’s swinging close to another heart — a perfect match for July fourth’s fireworks. 

Love is Blind 

If you love someone like I do you will have eyes for no one else.Love is truly blind. 

My emotions in this love story is all but written in invisible ink. Love is truly blind. 

My eyes are fixed on you but you’re fixed on the back of his head. Love is truly blind. 

‘Be the hero of your own story’ but I’ve been living in another’s shadow. Love is truly blind. 

I guess that’s why I’m falling and crushing on you. Love is truly blind. 

Beautiful Pain

I laugh and I cry 

Mood swings, yeah they do. 

Life like a pendulum, 

Is it ever going to stop? 

That fine line between the two 

That’s where I want to be.

Mixing my emotions like hybrids 

Let me be stable 

At least for awhile 

In my pretty little paradise 

Funny right? 

You choose happiness 

I choose both 

That’s a Beautiful Pain. 

With The Ivy 

All we see these days is dark clouds 

Catching up on us like shadows 

Full of inexplicable tears 

These are days for the past 

When we were glowing 

Even in the depths of Hades 

We were that bolt 

Which lit Zeus’ path 

Now we are just ruins 

All empty and gloomy 

As the rains come down 

And groom us for another journey 

Let the Ivy follow 

At least we look beautiful alone 

Pool Of Choices 

Give me a clock to figure out 

what I really want to watch.

I’ve been remote lately.

Can’t find the channel

To the right tunnel.

I’m at crossroads.

You or them

I’m just not certain.

A pool of choices 

But I’m not ready to take a dive.

What if I do 

and thrive no more.

What if I choose 

and later hate the love.
Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

‘I know what I want’ 

At least that was what I thought.

My head’s spinning 

yet I’m so still 

Like a windmill I stand 

Mixing my feelings together.

Step in my shoes 

And taste the feeling.

Sweet, Bitter, Sour

All in one.

That’s the picture.

Help me if you can 

But don’t mess this canvas.